ALLÂH – The Hymnophony, op. 1 – A.M.A. (engl.)


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Your book to praise ALLÂH:

ALLÂH – The Hymnophony op. 1 by A.M.A.

1st edition 2021, ISBN 978-3-9818263-8-8, sakînamedia, book, 15×15 cm, hardcover (64 S.) incl. Dhikr-CD: 19,80 €

Book contents:

What does ,,Hymnophony“ mean? – Who is ,,sakînamedia“? – The author – Experience GOD’S nearness 1 – The blessings of praise and worship for ALLÂH, the Almighty. 2 – ALLÂH and the secrets of His name, 3 – ALLÂH, the Supreme Creator and His powerful work, 4 – The unity of ALLÂH – Tauhid, 5 – Trust in ALLÂH – Tawakul, 6 – Ninety-nine and infinite Beautiful Names of GOD, 7 – Words and sayings in honour of ALLÂH – Become a walî ALLÂH!

CD contents:

Dhikr 1 (Track 1): Subhan ALLÂH wa bihamdihi – Dhikr 2 (Track 2): ALLÂH – Dhikr 3 (Track 3): Al-HamduliLLÂH, ya ALLÂH – Dhikr 4 (Track 4): La ilaha illa LLÂH, Muhammadun rasul ALLÂH – Dhikr 5 (Track 5): Hasbiya-LLÂHU ni’malwakîl – Dhikr 6 (Track 6): Al-asma ul-husna

ALLÂH – The Hymnophony is a series of total works of art to praise ALLÂH by A.M.A Abdul Malik Albert.

Idea, book, Dhikr composition, vocal and instrumental interpretation and recording by: A.M.A Abdul Malik Albert
Cover design: Birgit van Elst, Grafik-Bosbach

Printing: CPI books Gmbh, Leck

CD manufacture and total production: sakîna media

English edition: ALLÂH – The Hymnophony, op. 1 by A.M.A., ISBN 978-3-9818263-9-5

Special thanks for supporting this cultural project go to INTERNATIONALES ISLAMISCHES STIFTUNGSWERK Bildung und Kultur

ALLÂH – The Hymnophony op. 1 by A.M.A.:
A wonderful little book including a Dhikr CD, a precious companion to praise ALLÂH, al-HamduliLLÂH!